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Mentor Me: GA=T+E—The Loneliest Moment – Can You Hear the Crickets?

“Yeah…but what if it sucks…and I just put myself out there…am I going to embarrass myself?”, I said to my friend John, as I realized for the first time what publishing a book really means – EVERYONE and ANYONE can read it and weigh in on it! There was silence on the other end of the phone – it would not be the last time I would hear the crickets chirping.

Yes, it was my first moment of outright fear in this whole process. Up until that point, I had been completely focused, as I usually do when I get involved in a project, on finishing the task at hand – doing all the necessary work in order to have a publication-quality book designed to help people. The long days and nights of writing, editing, rewriting, submitting my work to an editor, re-editing, and rewriting again. Design samples, more edits, cover design edits/approval, back of the book design edits/approval.

Now that “the process” of physically writing, Mentor Me, was finished and this was all becoming real – a book would be published soon. I finally realized what it all meant – people would read what I wrote, weigh in on it, review it, and criticize/judge it! I also realized the only person who had read my book up until that point was my editor – and even though she liked it and wrote glowing comments about it, along with some great suggestions, I PAID her…so could she really say anything negative about it?

So…I reached out to those I dedicated my book to for their advice and support. I asked for their feedback…and what I heard was…silence…more crickets chirping. No one called me back…did they hate it? Was it that bad? Are they afraid to tell me my book sucks? All the thoughts you have and the range of emotions you go through at a time like this – when something is so important.

The fact is…they were AFRAID to read it:) They were AFRAID if it did suck…to be the ones to tell me the project I just spent so much Time and Energy on turned out to be some horrible embarrassment!:)

Judy Garland, Ken Poirot, Mentor Me, Reader Reviews, Critic Reviews, Yes…a lot of crickets chirping, self-doubt, and outright terror crept into my life for that strange, quiet, lonely period of time. Why am I telling you this? Because there is value in sharing that moment. We all have fear, self-doubt, and anxiety from time to time. I am reminded of one of the stories I once heard about Judy Garland – considered one of the most amazing stage performers of all time by some. I had the biggest crush on her as a child watching, The Wizard of Oz and hearing that magical voice of hers (of course I had no concept at such a young age of how long before the movie had been made – the first color movie ever) – yet, she was well known for having such horrible stage fright she would actually puke before performances.

Here is a hyperlink that references such an incident before a performance at Carnegie Hall by Judy Garland.

Now…I am no Judy Garland, but I think there is value in sharing the emotions from that anxious moment in time. The valuable lesson is, no matter who you are – even Judy Garland – fear is a normal part of the human experience. Any time you put yourself out there and you feel fear – it is NORMAL! EVERYONE feels the same way at some point in their life! The difference is – Judy Garland, in spite of the fear, still had the courage to go out and perform her best.

What I discovered a long time ago in my life – courage is not the lack of fear. True courage is being afraid and doing it anyway (since we are on the theme of Judy Garland and The Wizard of Oz, we can think of “The Cowardly Lion” – he was afraid, but he did what had to be done anyway to save Dorothy from the “Wicked Witch of the West”).

Judy Garland, Ken Poirot, Mentor Me, Mentor Me Gate, Reader Reviews, Critic ReviewsDo not let fear dictate your actions – it is okay to be afraid. Remember true courage is not the lack of fear – it is being afraid and doing it anyway. Live your dreams and chase what you want in life. There will always be something to be afraid of, there will always be the emotion of fear associated with something, someone, or some action you want or must take. It is okay to be afraid – just muster the courage to do it anyway.

In Chapter V, “Learning Modality and Motivation”, of Mentor Me there is an exercise to help motivate you and others, as well as take action in the face of fear. I suggest you walk through that exercise if fear is holding you back in any area of your life.

What the Initial Readers Wrote About Mentor Me

So…the crickets were chirping. I was freaking out and faced with the terror of what if my book sucks…and those closest to me were afraid to read Mentor Me and give their opinions – in case it did suck. So what did I do?

Ken Poirot, Mentor Me, Mentor Me Gate, Reader Reviews, Critic ReviewsI took action – I found a service through “Readers’ Favorite” where you purchase five reader reviews. They put your book on their back office system and some of their readers who signed up to review books render their written, honest, unbiased opinions – these are sent via e-mail to you. If the reviews are terrible – they do not have to be published, but if they are good, you can use them for marketing purposes. So here are some of the comments from the initial test group of readers:

“…clearly and succinctly written in an easy to understand and jargon free language…overall this is a great book, enjoyable to read and with useful knowledge.”

Teodora Totorean

“Anyone out there who has goals and wants help in realizing them – and that is almost everyone – should think about reading this book. It makes things seem possible and not overwhelming and will help give you a focus point.”

– Kathryn Bennett

 Mentor Me is a practical self-help book…by sharing real life experiences, Ken Poirot makes it easier for the reader to see the practicability of the knowledge covered in this book and help them apply it to their real life circumstances.”

– Faridah Nassozi

 “If you are one of those people who want to do something to attain happiness and success in life, Mentor Me is a book specially written for you…I find the book especially interesting because it mixes an effective coaching strategy with lessons in life, as well as interactive exercise that lets the reader immediately relate the lessons learned from the book to his own life experiences.”

– Maria Beltran

  “Nothing in the book is complicated to practice and incorporate into your daily lives. The author’s eighteen-year experience has been put into the book and it will definitely have a positive effect on those looking for a change in their lives. Overall this is a motivating and inspiring book that will help change your attitude towards life and living.”

– Mamta Madhavan

You can read the full reviews posted on Readers’ Favorite website.

Okay…readers seem to like it…but what about a professional critic’s review?


So the readers made some amazing comments about Mentor Me, but being human, I still had some doubts. I wanted to hear the opinion of a professional critic who criticizes and reviews books for a living.

Mentor Me, Mentor Me Gate, Ken Poirot, Judy Garland, Initial ReviewsTherefore, I looked online for a service which would do just that – again, it would not be published or made public if the end result was a horrible review. Here is a blurb from this professional review:

“Poirot’s discussion of four personality styles, which includes a ‘personality styles quiz,’ is particularly fascinating…His analysis of the different ways in which people learn is equally enlightening. He deftly demonstrates how he personally put into practice much of the advice he conveys in the book…Poirot’s writing style is conversational, educational, and often inspirational. Chapters are well organized, and exercises are integrated into the text at appropriate, logical spots. The text is easy to read, and the pages are nicely composed…Mentor Me offers plenty of insight into oneself as well as others, and it should prove to be a valuable guide”

Barry Silverstein, Foreward Reviews – Clarion Review

You can read the full review on Foreward Reviews website.

I am okay with a professional critic using such words as “fascinating”, “enlightening”, “deftly”, and “valuable guide”.

Sigh of relief!

Mentor Me was already published and in pre-launch distribution for the public when I received this professional review. See….I did not let fear stop me – I chose to face my fears and have the courage to open myself up to criticism.

It is okay to be afraid…just follow your dreams and have the courage to take action in spite of your fear – that is true courage!


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